Christmas Market Adventures.

Jacker – Zara
Handbag – Zara
Lipstick – Smashbox “Fireball”

Hello my beautiful friends,

how excited are you about the upcoming holidays! I cannot believe it is almost the end of 2016. So surreal! This year was extremely emotional for me and my husband. We went through so many changes and finally I could say we are feeling more and more like home living in Germany.

I am sure you are familiar with the famous German Christmas Markets (Weihnachtsmarkt). For a second year we are having the opportunity to be part of it along with the locals. Living in the heart of Bavaria gives you the amazing opportunity to travel a lot and be able to visit such a beautiful cities and places. The vlog below is from our recent Christmas Market adventures to Ulm. Ulm is around 80km away from where we live and is really near to Stuttgart. We had so much fun eating pancakes and drinking hot punch.

Comment below what is you favorite thing about the Christmas market. I would love to here.




Fall outfit and makeup.

dsc_7390dsc_7370 dsc_7384 dsc_7376dsc_7389 dsc_7382dsc_7391Leather skirt  – Mango
Shirt – Stradivarius
Hat – H&M
Lipstick – Rimel Kate Moss 007

Hello hello hello,

I just wanted to share with you this fall inspired outfit and also this fall makeup look. I am loving all these warm shades for fall not only in makeup but also in the fashion trends.

Here I am mixing some leather piece with a warm and cosy sweater. For a pop of color I choose this reddish shirt which I love. There is never a complete look without the perfect accessories. So that’s way I am wearing this gorgeous large navy blue hat from H&M.

I hope you liked this outfit as much as I do. Also if you want to see how I achieved this fall makeup look here is the full video.

I wish you all a beautiful day and see you very very soon.



Sleek MakeUp Review.

Hello beauties,

for a really long time I wanted to share my thoughts on a makeup brand here on the blog and also on my Youtube channel. Recently I purchesed some of the Sleek MakeUp products at my local drugstore (here in Germany). And I was so so excited to try them out in front of the camera. So here you go.

Highlighter – Solstice Highlighting Palette
Blush – by 3 in Lace
Blush in Suede
Matte Liquid LipstickBittersweet
Matte Liquid LipstickShabby Chic
DSC_6432 DSC_6433 DSC_6448 DSC_6457-3 DSC_6514



I will start off talking about my favorite product so far. And it is the highlighting palette. Such a soft and beautiful highlighting shade. It blends amazing. It look amazing on the skin. Just the perfect glow!


I also really loved their blushes. The pigmentation is on point. They apply so easily and are blending perfectly. So impressed!


Last but not least let me talk about the liquid lipsticks shades! Gorgeous! Could not be more excited! My personal favorite is the “Shabby chic” shade. Such a gorgeous chic shade. It feels amazing on the lips. And more importantly it lasts so long. Highly recommend!

So ya, these are my first impressions so far! I really would love to try out some other products from the brand. I am really curious about their contouring palette.

Let me know in the comments below if you already have tried some of the Sleek MakeUp Products.

Wish you all an amazing day x



P.S. you can watch my first impressions video here:


DSC_6243 DSC_6252

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

today’s video is a Q&A kind of vlog. My husband asked me a couple of question throughout the vlog. I hope you get me to know a little bit and enjoy the vlog!

Let me know in the comments below what do you think about this kind of Q&A – questioning and answering x

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