Pre-Workout Supplements.

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Achieving a beautiful, healthy and fit body is not so easy. I can tell, it could be really tough and difficult proccess until you use to do it, until you build up a strong routine and more important to have the will not to stop and give up. Staying motivated and building a strong and fit body is a process and besides the trainings, your diet plays a key role in achieving your dream body.

The product I want to talk about is the ONE PWO® Pre-workout from Fitness Guru that delivers intense energy and increase the strength. It is a really great practice and habit you can do by taking some pre-workout supplements which will give you the needed energy during the real training.

Benefits of Pre-Workout Supplementations:

– decrease muscle breakdown during training
– increase metabolic rate (fat burning) during the training
– improve nutrient delivery and assimilation
– reduce lactic acid and improves endurence

I mean you should really take it 30-40 minutes before the workout and not right before it. I also love to take their casein protein which give me an extra strength and the needed power. The ONE PWO comes in two cool flavors – apple and cola.


You can shop the product here:

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  • Not a big fan of supplements though, I prefer managing my intake of food instead. Thanks for sharing .. will spread the word!

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  • You know, I’ve been working out for about 10 years now and have not taken a pre-work out supplement! I take a post workout, but never really considered the benefits of a pre work out supplement, until now 🙂 Thanks for sharing these awesome tips, very informative!

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  • I’ve never really used protein or supplements in my diet, but now that I’m getting more serious about my workouts I’m thinking about adding some to my diet. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    I don’t take any supplements right now but I am starting on a new type of workout called Crossfit so maybe then. Thanks for sharing this with us! I will definitely check this product out! Hugs!

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